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    Let Effler/Schmitt Co. Handle Your Insurance Needs!

    Insurance is not “one-size-fits-all.” ESC offers personalized insurance advice built around your unique needs.

    Effler/Schmitt proudly works with Encompass Insurance Company(®, an insurance provider that prides itself on:

    • Financial Strength
    • Market Leadership
    • Customer Service, and
    • Responsive & Fair Claim Service

    Why Encompass® 
    Innovative coverage options, money-saving discounts and insurance protection are just part of the story. The Power Of One means you also get a simpler, easier packaged insurance experience –

    • One Deductible
    • One Premium
    • One Annual Renewal Date
    • One Agent

    So why bother with several insurance policies when ONE will cover you every step of the way?
    Encompass Brochure
    You’ve worked hard to build a lifestyle for yourself and your family. A quality insurance policy from Encompass® can help protect what you own. Click here to visit their website.

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