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    ESC Is Adapting With You

    Effler Virtual Walkthroughs

    Effler/Schmitt Co. Is Adapting With You

    Effler/Schmitt Co. is family owned-and-operated, and we want you to know that your health matters more to us than anything else.

    As an essential business operation, we are striving everyday to figure out how to help buyers and best maximize marketing for our current and potential sellers. During this uncertain time,  we know now that the best way to keep people safe and healthy is by incorporating video walkthroughs for all of our listings.

    The properties listed below will directly take you to each video walkthrough in place as of today; more will be in place and posted each week. Additionally, walkthroughs will be accessible via our website within each property’s individual page as well as syndicate sites using the IDX platform.

    We are prepared to continue to serve our community in these unparalleled times, and sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe.

    2554 Forestvale Road, Ottawa Hills, OH 43615

    3416 W. Bancroft Street, Ottawa Hills, OH 43606

    2127 Orchard Road, Ottawa Hills, OH 43606

    2659 Westchester Road, Ottawa Hills, OH 43615

    3056 Valley View Drive, Ottawa Hills, OH 43615

    1 Stableside S, Ottawa Hills, OH 43615

    2834 Pembroke Rd., Ottawa Hills, OH 43606

    2400 Underhill Rd., Ottawa Hills, OH 43615

    2806 Falmouth Rd., Ottawa Hills, OH 43615

    2429 Manchester Blvd., Ottawa Hills, OH 43606

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