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    Why Hire a Real Estate Agent?

    Why hire an agent

    Why Hire a Real Estate Agent?

    Whether you are ready to buy a home or you have decided to put your house for sale on the market, hiring a professional Real Estate Agent is a big decision. So why should you hire a Real Estate Agent? The goal of this week’s Effler/Schmitt Co. Blog is to give you an overview of the advantages of hiring a Real Estate Agent.

    #1 Licensed Professional 

    The Ohio Department of Commerce regulates real estate licensing. Individuals wishing to obtain their Real Estate Salesperson’s License must complete education courses in Real Estate Principles and Practices, Ohio Real Estate Law (including civil rights, housing discrimination, and desegregation), Real Estate Appraisal, and Real Estate Finance. Potential Agents must sit for a licensing exam and pass a criminal background check. Licensed Real Estate Agents are also required to be sponsored by a Real Estate Broker. summarizes a Broker as the person that “oversees all licensed real estate agents at the firm and ensures that agents are operating in compliance with state and national real estate law.”

    David Effler and son, Daniel Effler, are both Real Estate Brokers. Becoming a Real Estate Broker has the same requirements as obtaining a Real Estate Salesperson’s license, plus: courses in Financial Management, HR or Personnel Management, Applied Business Economics, Business Law, and a minimum of two years post-secondary education or the equivalent. Additionally, Real Estate Brokers must meet experience thresholds, and a Broker’s exam.

    #2 So Many Details

    Buying or selling a home requires a LOT of paperwork and attention to detail. Your Real Estate Agent’s fiduciary duty of Accounting means he/she is preparing and handling that paperwork and details for you. Agents understand how to work with all of the parties involved in a real estate transaction, including (but not limited to): escrow/title companies, banks/lenders/mortgage companies, appraisers, inspection companies and contractors, and also how to maintain accurate paper flow and communication at strategic times throughout the process.

    #3 Experience

    If you’ve been reading our Blog you know that Effler/Schmitt Co. has an abundance of experience in the Greater Toledo Real Estate Market. We are a fifth generation Real EstateCompany proudly serving Greater Toledo since 1880. David, and children Daniel Effler, Kelly (Effler) Longthorne, and Timothy Effler, Esq. (who were born and raised in Ottawa Hills) are all Realtors® with the company presently, as well as Tim Korhumel and Pamela Hanley, both lifetime Toledo Area residents. Each of our agents offers a depth of experience in market trends and negotiation.

    #4 Marketing

    Many Real Estate Brokerages have in house staff dedicated to marketing your listing. Effler/Schmitt Co, for example, provides broad and strategic exposure for all our property listings:

    • Customized listing using IDX and MLS
    • Professional in-house photography
    • Custom property flyers and brochures with-in house printing
    • Local Advertising in print and digital media
    • Open House Promotion
    • Agent to Agent outreach
    • Additional Online and Social Marketing
    • Website Listing Syndication

    #5 Personal Advocate

    Homes are personal. The home you want to sell or buy is personal to both parties involved. When personal feelings get involved deals can get complicated. With a Real Estate Agent you have a third party working for you so you don’t have to deal with any sticky situations. Real Estate Agents must always advocate for their clients, so you can trust that you have someone looking out for your best interests.

    Trusted Broker/Agent Team in Great Toledo

    #1 Agent Team in Ottawa Hills
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