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    Spring Cleaning to Sell Your Home


    Spring Cleaning to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

    Thinking of listing your home this spring? Now is the time to begin those spring cleaning projects to get your house ready for the market! Real Estate shopping tends to pick up when the snow is gone, and there might be more to do to prepare your home for listing than you think.

    Basic Spring Cleaning to do Now:

    • De-Clutter! Remember: You plan on moving soon anyways, so go ahead and box things up you don’t use frequently and stack boxes neatly in a storage area. Challenge yourself to de-clutter a little bit in every space, including closets! The less stuff buyers see the more they will look at the actual features of your home (and imagine their stuff in your home).
    • Shake it Out! Give your rugs and mats a good shake outside, including your door mats. Gently shake out curtains and drapes to remove dust.
    • Wipe it Down! Give every surface in your home a quick wipe down. Walls, windows, switch covers, door frames, etc. The goal is to have the house look its best and have surfaces dust free and sparkling.
    • Paint! Touch up spots on walls and baseboards. If you have any bold colors on walls, consider a fresh coat of paint in a more neutral hue. Greige is the new neutral. A mix of gray of beige, greige compliments almost any flooring and décor.
    • When the weather warms up open up those windows to air out your house and don’t forget to tackle the exterior of your home to add curb appeal.

    Not sure what else to do to prepare your home for sale? Our team of experts at Effler/Schmitt Co. is happy to help you out! Call 419-537-1113 to set up a listing appointment and to started.

    Happy Cleaning!


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